January 2017 : Sunrise announced!
Trademark holder exclusive
Jan 6 - March 11th (11:00 UTC)

Early Access Period
Public priority registration
March 13th- March 20th (1400 UTC)

General Availability
Open to the general public
March 20 (1400 UTC)
September 2016 : Assignment
Guardian News and Media assign the TLD to Top Level Spectrum, Inc.
December 2015 : Talking about Microsites
The Feedback Registry makes microsites easy! The benefits have always been clear, covering more results in the search engines helps to dominate the conversation. Why rank #1 in Google when you can rank #1, #2, #3, & #4. Someone has to be in those lower spots so it might as well be you too!

There is controversy surround microsites because they distract from having a single huge website. The biggest drawback — and perhaps the hinging factor — is that a microsite will take additional resources to create, maintain, secure, update and operate.

As Google’s SEO guru Matt Cutts says, “There’s a lot of overhead in terms of managing microsites. If you don’t have the resources to handle this, it can be a problem".

This is why creating, maintaining & operating is effortless in .feedback, we do all the work. There are no performance issues, security issues or bugs to worry about. The platform helps surfacing great reviews about yourself and expands your Internet presence.

June 2012 :ICANN Reveal
ICANN announced ".Observer" to the world
The TLD is scheduled to go through two years of application vetting.
March 2012 : Guardian News and Media applied to ICANN for .Observer
The application is in.